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Why learning Java is important

In the short version, learning how to program opens up an endless number of doors and has huge, countless benefits. You don’t need to go to a class or course, sit in front of peers to learn a language- you can learn it right from the comfort of your own home.

Now, there are lots of programming languages out there to choose from. All these languages were created for a purpose- some evolved to be better based on the other language. Pitting them against each other ends up watering down the main reason they were even invented in the first place. With that said, in my opinion, having an understanding of Java is important as Java is an advanced, mature language.

An incredible toolset

Java has a very plush API, and an astonishing supporting open source ecosystem. There are tools which are based on tools for just about everything you would like to do. There’s also a remarkable community-driven process that ensures growth in the right direction.

Software that’s formed on the basis of an algorithm

Java is an object-oriented programming language. It internally implements the best of object-oriented design and strongly suggests that you learn and follow them. It also heavily promotes correct usage, and many of the documented design patterns use Java as the language de facto. Understanding these design patterns also called algorithms can lead to much more maintainable and error-less code.

Killer Correctors

The IDEs available for Java are extraordinary and will blow your mind. Due to its strong coding, you’ll not only be notified straightaway of errors, but you’ll also be given recommendations that will refactor and reformat your code with clear explanations and extreme ease. This leads to easy decoding, and once you’ve used them, you will wonder why you didn’t use Java before. In layman terms, Java doesn’t allow you to screw up.


Java is the basis of amount everything. It’s running just about anywhere you can imagine. It’s usually where most large applications end up due to its scalability, stability, and maintainability. IOT (internet of things), the emerging field of technology which has the power to change almost everything you’ve been doing till today, is to be formed on the basis of Java, which is going to stand as the leader in the programming community soon. And it’s coming. Fast. There’ll be a time shortly when your alarm clock will automatically start brewing your coffee pot and switching on the heater, and it’ll most likely be Java doing that.


Java has the advantage of being everywhere. If you want to program for a living, start learning Java as you’ll be coming across Java sooner or later. Java is showing up in all sorts of places: You can write Java servlets that run on Apache and many other web servers. And the most amazing part is that there are no license fees to be paid, not even with a catch, like how you need to pay after using Word for a free trial. With the ever-increasing demand for Java for jobs, learning Java might be the turning point of your life.


Programming helps a number of people to have a roof over their head. With an advanced language such as Java, it would be helpful and easy. Plus, knowledge doesn’t hurt, does it?