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Reasons to Learn Hadoop

The technology of Big data, cloud computing, has made it possible for businesses to have the ability to generate a massive amount of data and analyse it to improve business tactics and to win deals over competitors. But where can we store all these data? Safe storage of this huge amount of data calls for Hadoop. Organizations can now store all the data generated by their business at an affordable price-all thanks to Hadoop. With Hadoop, even the most difficult things look so trivial. With the use of Hadoop, increased numbers of establishments are able to efficiently use their marketing skills, find out about customer buying and current trend patterns, provide personalized suggestions, etc. So the big question is why we should learn Hadoop and will it be helpful to you as an individual? Here, we have come up with a few best reasons to learn Hadoop.

Unstructured Data

Big data often leads to unstructured data which is quite challenging and demanding. With professional Hadoop training and by completing a course in Hadoop, neophytes can easily learn Hadoop to meet the ever-growing demand for professionals. Thus, to bump up on the significant data technology, professionals must lean Hadoop to perform their best. Organizations are soon going to identify Hadoop to be a must-have skill in the future.

Better Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for Hadoop professionals are evolving across various business industries, from retailers to healthcare, agriculture, sports, energy, utility, banks, and media. Having completed a certified Hadoop course and having undergone enough training, a candidate is eligible to apply for a mass number of job positions such as Hadoop Developer, Big data architect, Data Analysts, Hadoop Administrator, and Data Scientist. Hadoop is the most preferred distributed computing technology with smaller businesses looking to control analytics to draw valuable big data insights. This implies that candidates with knowledge and expertise in Hadoop will be considered as a one million entry tickets by firms and businesses throughout the world.

Get Big Money with Big data

Increased demand calls for an increase in salary. Organizations are currently ready to pay a high perk to hold onto or find experienced Hadoop talent that will help them make meaningful sense of their data-Big money is in Hadoop big data jobs. This is increase has been over 11.6% in the last two years. This means there will be a constant increase, a constant demand which again leads to major competition amongst candidates.

Adoption of Hadoop by companies has increased

Hadoop is becoming more than just a data manifesto. Given its credibility, economics and performance Hadoop will become a vital piece of every company’s business technology outline. The level of big data adoption is rushing among the Fortune 500 businesses and will keep accelerating. Here is the state of big data adoption across various organizations – 12% of big data initiatives are under consideration, 17% of big data initiatives are underway, 67% of big data in production.


As in the words of the famous Tech Blogger, Christy Wilson, “Hadoop is the way of the future because companies aren’t going to be able to remain competitive without the power of big data, and there just aren’t any viable, affordable options aside from Hadoop.”